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4 Things You Can Do To Make Your House A Home

4 Things You Can Do To Make Your House A Home

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Advice for interior, Home interior advice, How to arrange bedroom |

There are numerous things you can do in order to repair a house, however, you should remember that not every house is a home. In order to be able to transform your house to a home, you will have to put your heart into it. Still, that being said, there are certain things you can do in order to make your house are comfortable and cozy home you have always wanted to have. Here are of the best tips which will help you transform your house into a true home.

1. Decorate
If you would like to make a home of your house, you should decorating-ideas-for-small-homes-7-clean-every-room-in-your-house-high-ceiling-design-is-very-suitable-to-be-applied-in-your-small-house-because-with-high-ceiling-your-home-seem-to-be-morepay attention to details and decorate your home according to your own style. Decorations in your home should express your own personality, your individuality, but you can also use it to weave your memories and experiences into your home. Trinkets that you bring home from journeys and trips will remind you of your own little adventures, and photographs of the people you love will always manage to put a smile on your face.

2. Give It A Personal Touch
Giving your house a personal touch will definitely make it a home. If you think that you would like to watch sunsets from your window, make sure that you put a chair next to it. Also, if you like to sleep in a comfortable bed, make sure that you get a king-size bed for your bedroom. A personal touch will make you feel at home in your own house. Make sure that you use the most of your house, including all the benefits that it has to offer. In other words, if you have a bathtub – don’t take showers! Take long baths instead, they are definitely worth it!

3. Put Some Music On
When you are at home make sure that you put some music 216on. Music will manage to cheer up your mood, but it will also provide the sense of comfort and you will be at ease. From time to time just enjoy your home, without the pressure to do something or clean something. Just put some music on and relax. You can even dance to the music you love!
4. Make It Comfortable
The most important piece of advice is for you to make your house a comfortable place to be in. Everything you can do to make your house more comfortable for yourself, and more suitable to your needs, will ultimately make it a home. Home is the place where we can relax, where we can be ourselves, where we can rest and where we feel safe. Home is the place where you hear a gentle music that you love and smell warm dishes and cookies baking. Home is the place where life makes sense, and where flowers greet you, as well as faithful friends whether they are animals or humans. Home is your own little kingdom, where you are the sole sovereign. Enjoy it and make the most of it!

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How effectively and creatively distribute the book in the apartment

How effectively and creatively distribute the book in the apartment

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Home interior advice, Make change at your house, Tips how to find best place for your books |

Despite predictions that this is the imminent end of the book period, it seems that it will not come soon, at least not before the end of history mentioned by Francis Fukuyama. Imagination of the skeptic ones flared in the late 20th century with the breakthrough of electronic devices, and particularly with the emergence of e-books. There are those who dream about having in their pocket gadget library size of Congress in Washington, but they are among hunters on increasingly advanced performance than among true lovers of literature.
For true lovers of printed books, for those who like to sleep with popular book on the chest instead of your tablet or laptop, for those to whom books simply mean too much in life, we have prepared this article like the most complete guide to practical and creative scheduling book in an apartment.A moment for this is ideal, because the number of books suddenly raises every visit to the book fair from where you would never return empty-handed. And no matter how many times you have heard the ultimatum “take care about these the books or get rid of them,” do not give up the easy of books, and because this fact we have no other choice than to find the best place in the apartment for your best friend-book.
Before we move ahead, get a critical look on every potentially usable space. Do you have a free wall or at least part of it? Or a spare room that you rarely use? Pay special attention to blind spots, long corridors, wide entrances, niches, unused space under the stairs, over and around doors and windows. If you are in a serious crisis with space, check the bedroom, even the bathroom, why not! An antique cabinet that you painted in cheerful colors which you can proudly held with the door open like your romantic library? These are the gold reserve and therefore seriously consider them.

You can put them anywhere:

From brilliant shelves that are built into the stairwell, to the shelf that stretch from floor to ceiling, interesting shelves for living rooms, libraries are inspirational like tomes that fill them.
If you have a large living room, a library for storing books is an ideal proposal, although it occupies a large part of the living room. For small flats and rooms there are shelves for books that can be mounted on the wall or on the floor and that will bring a special touch to your favorite corner…

We have ideas for every room in your home, from embedded and floating bookshelves, to colorful and highly imaginative library. You should just use your imagination and act like an architect who wants to use as much as space is possible. You can make a special corner for yourself where will you spend the most enjoyable moments of your everyday routine by reading your favorites novels and drinking tea or coffee with your friends.
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14 cheap tricks to improve our home

14 cheap tricks to improve our home

Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Advice for interior, Home interior advice, Make change at your house |

If you operate on tight budget then this is a perfect solution for you. Every job that you can do it yourself can fill your pocket with money. These small tricks can bring in your home the feel of warmth and comfort. 

1. Make your room bigger. The trick is to put everything in the same color so the focus won’t be on the space but to tumblr_mkpf55J79L1s8xlmjo1_500furniture and walls. On the wall that is opposite of a window put a mirror that will create an illusion of bigger space.
2. Colder colors open space. Use green or blue to paint you room, it will set back your walls and it will make your room more spacious.


3. Curtains help to. They will give you space more elegant note.
Truques-Simples-que-Ajudam-a-Decorar-Sala-Gastando-Pouco-114. Put plants on the corners of your room. Use tall plants to fill up the empty space. In that way you will enrich your space with frees oxygen during the day.

5. Use lot of pillows on your living room couches. They will create comfortable feeling and your couches will look more expensive. You can put them even all over the floor or use them as pads.

6. If you decide to do a complete makeover, wooden floors will give your place a sense of warmth and they will emphasize its contours.
1444813345_moj-enterijer-nalepnice-dekor-ideje7. Make a unique look of your walls by using a wall sticks.You can find the really cheap on internet and if you don’t like them after some time, then you can easily remove them.
reloj-pared-relojes-230601-MLM20356729612_072015-Y8. Put candles and clock into a living room. Use small candles all over the place and to emphasize space more; buy a unique clock that can be put on a wall.

9. Surround yourselves with colors you like to wear. While you are choosing colors for your space, first look at your wardrobe. This can be a great help and you will feel more comfortable in that space.

10. Blue will calm you. All shades of blue will calm all your senses. And give you the feeling like you are on some beach.

11. Buy some nice picture for your loving room. It doesn’t have to be a work of art, but this will show that you have some sense for art and that you appreciate nice things. It can be some landscape or sunrise or even some flowers.

12. Carpets are important. Depending on what colors dominate your space, you can choose large varietypreto of them. Without them every space looks empty. Probably the best thing is to choose some neutral color.

13. Black club table for neat home. If your space looks cramped, buy a small black table that will attract all views, when people come into a room.

14. While decorating your home be careful not to over o it. If you use overly expressive pieces of furniture it can give your space smaller look and it will surely be overcrowded. Golden rule is: less is more.

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5 Tips For A Bedroom Makeover

5 Tips For A Bedroom Makeover

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Advice for interior, How to arrange bedroom |

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our house. It is a place where are you should be able to relax and enjoy a peaceful moments with yourself. If your bedroom is always messy and cluttered, you won’t be able to regain your energy and relax as you would have been in a room which is appropriate for a relaxation and rest. You should be able to enjoy all rooms in your home, and that includes your bedroom. If you only go to your bedroom when it’s time for you to sleep, and leave it at the moment you get out of bed, then you are probably not using the benefits that your bedroom house to offer it to you. If you would like to use your bedroom more, perhaps you should try implementing some of the steps that will allow you to enjoy your bedroom more. 

1. Get A New Rug
Fashion_Shaggy Rug_7646_BoneLISome people believe that getting the new rug is not really a big deal, especially for a bedroom where only you and your significant other will see it. However, getting a new rug for your bedroom also means that when you wake up you will be able to put your feet on a comfortable and warm rug. Also, a new rug will give a different appearance to your bedroom and refresh it up a bit.

2. Get A New Bed

downloadIf you really like to rest during the night, then using your old bed probably feels like a curse. Anyhow, getting the new bed isn’t at all that expensive, but it will allow you to get a better rest during the night. Also, a new bed will give you the opportunity to change the appearance of your bedroom, and perhaps even use better in the space that you have on your disposal. If you have a big bedroom it would be a shame not to use the space in an efficient and way.
3. Sheets and Bedding
113-300x225Not all bedroom makeovers have to cost you a lot of money. For some of them, you won’t have to set aside too much money, and yet you will achieve the desired effect. One such change is definitely getting new beddings and new sheets. Not only that new beddings will refresh your bedroom, but they will also allow you to sleep better during the night.



4. Curtains and Windows
If you are really conscious about the energy that you spend in your home, then you should definitely think about replacing windows in your bedroom. A new set of windows

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Home improvement – tips and tricks

Home improvement – tips and tricks

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Home interior advice, Make change at your house |

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Houses are sold and bought all the time. Whether you are a real estate agent and it’s your job, or you’re just looking to move and want to sell your old house, there are a few tricks you could do to improve your home’s value.Depending on your real estate region and market as well as your home’s condition the payback may vary.We have come up with a few simple tricks that may add thousands of dollars to your home’s value, so if you’re interested in upgrading, follow this article.

wooden-home-kitchen-idea-cabinets-and-storageFor number one upgrade you should consider the kitchen. The kitchen is still considered as the heart of home and many potential buyers decide whether they are interested or not once they see the kitchen. What you can do to improve this room is determined by your budget, if you want to spend only a few hundred bucks then you should probably add new cabinet door handles and replace the old kitchen faucet set. With somewhat larger budget you could give cabinets a makeover rather than buying a whole new cabinet system.

When it comes to importance of rooms and the best cost to freshen it up, after kitchen comes the bathroom. For a small amount of money you can get a new toilet seat or a new pedestal sink and these things can improve how a bathroom looks a lot. You can even take it up a notch and install the new floor with vinyl tiles right over the old discolored one.

The next step you should take is to step up your storage space. Old houses are known for lack of closet space so we recommend you add do-it-yourself laminate and wire closet systems to bedrooms, pantries and entry closets.One of the things you should consider doing is hiring an electrician to take a few hours of his time to check for any loose wires , wrap or fix them, as well as fix faulty outlets. Besides the electrician, you should also hire a plumber to check and fix any water leaks. This shows the potential buyer that you have cared for the home a great deal and it can really influence the price of a house.

An inexpensive way you can update and make your house look cleaner is carpeting. Unless you decide to live in a house for a while before selling it, don’t replace carpets from wall to wall, but rather buy some inexpensive rugs and place them strategically so that they cover the worn out parts.

The last tip we have to offer you is ”Let there be light”. Consider replacing the boring old classic lights with at least one fancy chandelier. The ceiling fixtures make up the room more than you think so go and buy some new good looking one, or if you have a ceiling fan with light, consider replacing the blades.
Follow these few tips, check out more than one store and get good prices and you will surely make good profit.

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